About Us

Voyages GAM SPS Travel is more than just a travel agency with over 20 years experience. Our team has a passion for exploring new destinations, and we use our expertise to create a fully customized travel plan for every client. This unique approach has helped us become a world-leading travel services company for both corporate clients and leisure clients. Whether you need help planning a business trip, corporate event or your dream holiday; our personalized service guarantees both quality and value. We go above and beyond and will exceed expectations in order to provide you the ideal travel experience with none of the hassle. Travel should be a joy. With our innovative approach and passion for visiting the world, Voyages GAM SPS Travel stands out in the travel industry with impeccable service for the business traveler, adventurer and vacationer alike.

Attention To Details

You’ve invested in your travel plans, you should be able to make the most of your time away. We take pride in ensuring that no detail – no matter how small – is overlooked. Every preparation will be ready and waiting for you upon your arrival. With this focus on both minutia and the overall experience, our personalized travel plans are the key to a seamless travel experience.

Insuring Your Safety Abroad

Unfortunately, even the most precise travel plans cannot predict some unforeseen situations or emergencies. That’s why planning ahead for the unexpected can make all the difference when you are abroad – while also helping save you from a surprise hefty bill. To provide you with peace of mind, Voyages GAM SPS Travel offers a full range of travel insurance products, including: medical, flight accident, flight cancellation, and snowbird coverage, among others.

Our Network

Our services don’t end once you leave for your trip. Voyages GAM SPS Travel maintains a worldwide network of on-site partners and destination providers who help us continue to deliver exceptional service, no matter where your travels take you.

Expense Management Service

Need help managing corporate travel budgets? Our Expense Management Team can help. These knowledgeable experts can simplify budgets by delivering detailed reports related to management of tax expenditures, car and hotel expenses, insurance, and spending history by company or individual traveller.


Voyages GAM SPS Travel connects people to the world by providing an exceptional travel experience. We provide personalized, detail-oriented, and fully managed travel services for every client from corporate to leisure. We maximize our clients’ travel investment, maintain traveller safety, and improve the overall travel experience.



As a global leader in the travel industry, we build lasting client relationships through innovation, passion and exemplary customer service.


  • Service : Our management team consists of multilingual, dedicated travel experts who tirelessly implement cost-effective travel programs.

  • Integrity : Plain and simple, we deliver what we promise and promise only what we can deliver.

  • Synergy : When working together with our clients there is only one goal - excellence!

  • Innovation : With cutting edge technology, we consistently raise the level of customer service.

  • Strength : We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients and associates. We foster a healthy and rewarding work environment by offering interesting opportunities to our staff. We actively recruit new talent who can improve and broaden our services.

  • Our Team : Voyages GAM SPS Travel has a team of travel experts with a wealth of first-hand experiences and knowledge gained around the globe. From family getaway to corporate retreat, our travel experts will help create a package tailored to suit your needs and budget.

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