Life Changing Experiences Through Travel

Life changing trip

While many travelers are perfectly happy to enjoy a pre-packaged all-inclusive vacation, others are seeking a more immersive experience. They are hungry for new experiences, whether it’s the thrill of walking a full-grown tiger in Thailand or learning to make pasta from an ancient family recipe in a Tuscan village. They want to have exciting encounters, perhaps by descending into the ocean to swim with sharks, or authentic ones, like hiking the mountains of southern Spain on a private wine tour. Experiences like these were once extremely rare, but Bespoke Travel Services have evolved to meet the needs of these adventurous travelers. With the right Travel agent, your dream adventure can become reality.

Redefining luxury

Bespoke Travel caters to a niche community of travelers who have no interest in settling for mass-marketed travel packages. It offers unprecedented personalization, and when it comes to luxury, Bespoke Travel goes beyond simply finding five-star accommodations. “What we do is not transactional, it’s transformational,” said Ashish Sanghrajka of Big Five Tours at a recent Voyages GAM SPS Travel Industry gala. “Indeed, probably 95% of travelers are still being funnelled into the same moulds, whether they are private clients or mass market. We have deliberately chosen to look after the 5%”.

Experiences over things

“One commonality among our travelers is their curiosity and passion for unusual getaways,” says Gregory Respitz, Director at GAM SPS. “Anyone can buy luxury items at the store— it’s easy to get the latest Lana Marks – but unique and authentic experiences can’t be bought at the mall.” A recent survey by Harris Poll saw 78% of millennials answer they would rather spend money on experiences than things.

Curated Vacations

In an era of personalization – from playlists tailored to your mood and customizable shoes – it’s no surprise savvy travelers are looking for a more individual experience. “When planned right, a vacation can be a life-changing experience” says Shirlie Mauer, Director at Voyages GAM SPS Travel. “This is our niche. We have exacting standards of service and quality, and our goal is to provide the discerning traveler with a well-organized, one-of-a-kind vacation, curated just for them.”

Dream it, then live it

With Bespoke Travel, anything is possible. Which begs the question, where will your next trip take you?