Savvy Travel Safety Tips

Family traveling together

Most savvy travellers already know the basics when it comes to staying safe abroad. Don’t flash your cash, research and buy appropriate travel insurance, and put your valuables in a safe. But you can do more to protect yourself and ensure a trouble-free vacation by learning more about your destination before you go.

Your travel agent can help you find out exactly what’s up on the ground at your destination. Of course you’ll need to know if there are any areas you should avoid, but it’s also nice to know why, so you can make informed decisions. Is the area known for pickpockets, a risk that might be worth taking to enjoy a spectacular night out, or is crime in the area more serious?

What’s the health care system like at your destination? It’s always wise to know the name and location of the nearest hospital to your accommodations, but add information about walk-in clinics, toll-free help lines and emergency service numbers to your arsenal.

When it comes to transportation, your travel agent can fill you in on what’s available. Is the public transportation good, reliable, and safe? If taxis are licensed, how do you recognize a legitimate service? If they aren’t, what’s a good rate? In many countries, private citizens run minivans or bus services that can be unpredictable but perfectly safe. When you have good information, you can decide how much of an adventure you’re willing to have!

With the proliferation of travel review sites, there are many ways to research your destination and accommodations, but the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming, and often, not terribly relevant. Your agent can help you find good sources, like blogs written by expats or travellers, recent and relevant reviews, and government tourist information sites.

Be safe, and have fun out there.