Use Your Mobile When You’re Mobile

Traveler using smartphone

You probably already own the greatest travel safety innovation ever invented – it’s your smart phone. Before you leave on any trip, take advantage of the tools available on this miniature computer you can carry in your pocket.

Snap It

  • Take photos of your important documents, like your passport and flight information
  • If you are travelling with children, take pictures of them each morning in the clothes they are wearing, in case you need to describe them if they get lost
  • Take pictures of street signs and the address of your hotel to show taxi drivers if there’s trouble communicating

Use the Cloud

  • Back up your document photos to a cloud service you can access from another device in case your phone is lost or stolen
  • Install and and update your banking app in case your card is lost or stolen you and need to access your account
  • Create a digital note with emergency numbers – for example, your travel agent, your credit card company and your emergency contact – and upload it to the cloud or email it yourself

Protect Your Device

  • Before you go, check in with your service provider to see what cell coverage is like at your destination. You can buy additional data or voice packages, or you may decide it’s better to leave your mobile in airplane mode during your trip and connect to WiFi when you can.
  • If you haven’t already, activate a password or thumbprint lock on your phone
  • Install or activate a ‘find my phone’ service that allows you to shut your phone down if it is stolen, or locate it if it is lost. You may need to create a special login to do this, so don’t wait ’til you’re boarding the plane to get this done
  • With the convenience of saved contacts, many of us no longer know even our spouses’ phone number. Write down important numbers on that ancient analog technology, a piece of paper, and keep it with your travel documents.