Bespoke Travel Services Now Trending

As demand steadily rises for Bespoke Travel Services, travel consultants continue to demonstrate their value by creating rewarding customer experiences.

Why Bespoke Travel?

Desiring a more personalized level of customer service as compared to the standard book online options, the discerning traveler who seeks bespoke travel services wants to be part of the conception of their journey; They have no desire to search through a list of preset itineraries but rather, they want to be involved in creating the itinerary – “This is where Travel Consultants shine!” says Shirlie Mauer director of Voyages GAM SPS Travel. “They offer tailored recommendations based on their vast experience and in depth knowledge of travel destinations. They know what’s available and what is possible allowing their clients to create a realistic travel plan that they will enjoy.”

With this customized approach Bespoke Travel Service providers are allowing the traveler to become an active participant in the decision making process regarding the type of program, pace, and activity level of their voyage.

It’s all about the ‘Extras’

Travel consultants are also able to provide a wide selection of a la carte ancillary services, allowing the journey to be even more customized at every stage. These services can transform a traveler’s trip from standard to high-end with options such as sightseeing excursions with private guides, chauffeur service, private chefs, wine tasting, spa treatments and more – the skies the limit.

In addition to the luxury add-ons, travel consultants are able to assist with services such as travel insurance, car hire and foreign exchange. Having this capability essentially allows them to handle every last detail of a traveler’s journey. It is this above and beyond level of service that travelers have come to expect with Bespoke Travel.

Trending high with Millennials

The appeal of a one-of-a-kind vacation packages personalized to the traveler’s needs is notably growing in popularity with Millennials, 34% of whom reported using a travel agent in 2016, according to a MMGY report. The report also showed that the higher the cost of the travel plan being purchased, the more likely it is for the traveler to place their trust in a professional travel consultant to manage their journey

Families seeking Bespoke Travel Services

Travel consultants report that families are especially seeking-out bespoke travel services in an effort to ensure memorable life experiences with their loved ones and closest friends. Families tend to go big on vacations especially multi-generation family vacations where entire villas are rented or yachts are chartered to comfortably accommodate the entire family.

Notable shift from online automated booking services to personalized services

As popularity for curated travel experiences increase the spotlight has panned back to Travel Consultants and the value they add to the vacation experience.

According to an ASTA survey, in 2016 demand for travel agents hit a three year high. 23% of travelers were found to have booked with a travel agent.

An American Express survey echoed this upward trend in favor of professional travel consultants. It found that overall usage of Travel Agent services was up 79% for 2016.