7 Best Things to do in Florence

Fair warning: when you book a trip to Florence you should expect to return home a pants-size larger. There is delicious food, phenomenal coffee, delicious gelato, and an abundance of great wine on offer. Of course, Florence is more than just a place to eat, it is one of the great cultural capitals of the world, and you will be met by a rich sense history and the abundant architectural beauty of this magical city.

1. Get Coffee.

Whenever I travel, the first thing I must get my hands on is the best cup of coffee in the neighborhood. Florence is not short on amazing places to find your morning caffeine fix – try them all until you find your favorite.

2. Climb the Duomo Cathedral.

Dare to try to scale the 476 stairs up the dome. It’s worth the 476-step climb up the bell tower to experience the views and the frescos by Giorgio Vasari that line the interior of the dome. If you have the time and energy, climb the adjacent Bell Tower, giving you a view of the Duomo at its best angle.

3. Rent a Segway.

Italy Segway Tours offers day and night tours around Florence using these two-wheeled motorized scooters to check out some of the city’s finest attractions including San Lorenzo church, Repubblica Square, Strozzi Palace, and Porcellino.

4. Stop for Gelato.

Once my coffee fix has been satisfied, I am off to look for my gelato fix. It is Italy, after all! My strategy is to try every gelato shop I pass until I find a favourite. If you happen to be passing Gelateria dei Neri 50122 Florence, try the salted caramel.

5. Visit the Uffizi Gallery.

In Florence, art is everywhere. But some of the most important works in Western culture are at the Uffizi. This is where you can see works by Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto and Botticelli and Michelangelo with your own eyes. Uffizi also has an impressive collection of Greek and Roman sculptures.

6. Relax at Villa Bardini.

When you’re ready for some peace and quiet, spend the day at Villa Bardini. Located at the top of a hill in the Oltrarno district, it features breathtaking views of Florence and the Arno River. The villa dates back to the 14th century, and has only recently been opened to the public. You can take the entire day strolling the formal, manicured gardens and visiting the museums, which often features special exhibits.

This photo of Giardino Bardini is courtesy of TripAdvisor

7. Book a wine tour.

Sign up for a wine tasting, or even better, a wine tasting tour. Some tours offer bicycles rentals, while others include motorized transportation from Florence, if you’d prefer to let someone else to the hard work of getting you there.

Written by T.J. Remington