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Wildest Dreams: Zanzibar & The Selous Game Reserve

Imagine 50,000 km of wilderness, where no human habitation or structures are permitted. Now imagine it in the south of Tanzania, where elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus, lions, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras and crocodiles roam in larger numbers than any other reserve or national park. You’re imagining The Selous, and you don’t have to just imagine it anymore. […]

Italy – Under the waves another world awaits Adventure Travellers

If you’re wondering why Italy doesn’t typically come up in discussions of the best places to SCUBA dive, you can thank the world-class culture, cuisine and architecture that draws most of the tourists who visit this stunning country. Italy has such an embarrassment of riches to offer visitors, it is perhaps understandable that its 7600 […]

8 Terms that Got Lost in Translation

One of the delights of travelling is learning to communicate across language barriers, whether that’s perfecting your hand gestures or adding whole phrases in a foreign tongue to your arsenal. But beware of what linguists call “false friends” – words that look familiar but mean something completely different in another language. Here are a few […]

7 Best Things to do in Florence

Fair warning: when you book a trip to Florence you should expect to return home a pants-size larger. There is delicious food, phenomenal coffee, delicious gelato, and an abundance of great wine on offer. Of course, Florence is more than just a place to eat, it is one of the great cultural capitals of the […]

Top 3 Luxury Villas – November

This month’s top 3 luxury villa picks take us from the Islands of the Northern West Indies, over to the Indian ocean, and concludes on the mountains of Northern Greece overlooking the Ionian Islands. Looking for the world’s best private getaways? These villas are among the finest luxury rentals available for groups, couples and families […]

Artist Ocean Villa, Amanyara – Defining Luxury

The Artist Ocean Villa is located in the Turks & Caicos, on the world-famous Amanyara International resort, which was designed by architect Jean-Michel Gathy. Gathy is renowned for his sense of scale and his unique approach to mixing European and Asian influences in his work. This five-bedroom ocean front villa is Amanyara’s most private, with […]

Luxury by the Ionian Sea

Emerald Deluxe Villas, Zakynthos Island Zakynthos Island is located on the Ionian coast of Greece, south of Corfu and Kelafonia. The Emerald Deluxe Villas are comprised of two exquisite traditional stone villas with breathtaking views of the deep blue Ionian Sea. Built using traditional architectural methods and materials, each villa has its own private grounds, […]